Networking and Security Simplified


The high capacity workhorse to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

2 Gbps of Performance


Most popular model to meet your current business needs

800 Mbps of Performance


Starter pack for small sites with advanced firewall

250 Mbps of Performance


Cloud Managed and Delivered SD-WAN with Security


Multiple SSIDs for Guests and Business needs


Local internet breakout or breakout at a hub location

Virtual Private Network

Site-to-site connectivity via an automated, secure (AES-256 encrypted) full mesh VPN


Support for basic or advanced security to protect your site. Customize the level of security based on users, applications, source and destination addresses


All traffic is load-balanced across all available WAN links. Voice & Video traffic are prioritized to deliver best user performance.

We remove the hard from networking and security

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Here are the FAQ's

Before you buy

How Versa solution is different from others and can I buy the device elsewhere?

No, You can purchase the devices only through our authorized re-sellers, available at our eCommerce portal.

We provide an end to end solution to manage your entire SD WAN networks in a centralized dashboard. The application puts cloud management of your Versa Secure SD-WAN right into the palm of your hand, letting you quickly and easily provision, configure and monitor your SD-WAN appliances.

You can easily activate devices using Bluetooth/ Wifi URL ZTP/Global ZTP and configure WiFi, Security, Traffic Steering. You can also run speed test to your Internet or site-to-site (VPN) connectivity and Monitoring the real time devices health and status

To know further visit to our product specification page.

I have Internet in my office, can I use any internet provider?

Yes, Versa Device is an Internet agnostic, it designed in way that supports all Internet provider services.

As long as you have Internet access from any service provider, or a LTE connection the device will work. You need to connect directly into the device Internet port or Insert 4G LTE sim card on the devices.

To check the speed of your network run the speed test check.

I want my office versa appliance to always have internet or VPN, can i get internet from two providers?

Yes, Versa Device is pre-configured that support Internet Service Providers and LTE.

If you want high availability, directly plugin the Internet ports to two service provider.

Once the Internet ports are plugged in then devices will

1. Automatically set the load balance and it will be distributed on all available Internet Service providers

2. In case of outage on one service provider, devices will automatically reroute your service with all available circuits.

3. The best option is to set the configuration to EZ settings.

4. Make sure that WAN 1, Wan 2, and LTE has set to Split Tunnel and Auto

Can I use Mobile LTE as a primary internet?

Yes,Versa Devices can run on LTE. You can set up LTE by following the steps below.

1. Insert the LTE SIM card and then directly turn on the device and activate it via Versa Mobile App.

2. Your service will be up and running. Turn on the LTE at Configuration screen.

3. You can also the LTE to Auto or Primary on the configuration screen.

How to replace my current Versa router?

Yes, versa provides an option to replace the damaged or repaired devices.

If the devices are damaged and faulty or not working then its eligible for replacement. Replacement will be accepted within 7 days from the date of purchase.

Steps to Return

1. Go to my subscription

2. Click on the RMA on the order details

3. Enter the reason for return and select type for return

4. Click Submit

5. Request will be sent to admin and they will approve/disapprove the request

6. Incase of approved return will be taken

7. Incase of not approved admin will send reason to your registered email ID

Contact our support to know further on the return policy.

Can I add range extenders to Versa Device?

Yes, you can add any WiFi Router on the LAN port to Extend the range.

Get the Internet cable from the devices internet port and Insert it to range extender so that range extender will start working

Do I still need to have service from an internet service provider (Comcast, Verizon, Cox)?

Yes, You need at least one Internet service provider its essential for the devices to get the internet connection.

You can either get the internet fiber or LTE connection to activate and configure the devices.

What are the features of Versa device?

We are happy to list our features here. Since the feature list is too long, we highlight the key features. 

For more references, please refer to Overview of Versa Dashboard/Mobile.

Versa Feature List are:


1. 2xWAN Internet, 1 LTE Internet

2.  Auto configure LAN port

3. Auto Configure Wifi - 2 SSID 

4. Separation of Guest wifi for Internet Only Access

5. Auto VPN (Virtual Private network) between the devices in the same company


1. Any2Any, Hub Primary and Hub Secondary, or Spoke

Security (Certain features require add-on):

1. Next Gen Firewall

2. URL filter by category

3. IP address block by Reputation

4. Virus Scan

5. Intrusion Prevention System

Traffic Conditioning and QOS

1. Auto load Balance

2. Traffic Steering based on Application, IP or URL

3. QOS by Category (Voice/Video/Business) 

4. DSCP 

5. By Application type

Your buying experience

How to Buy Overview


On E-commerce portal at the top right corner, we have a BUY button.

Note: You can buy devices only from the available Reseller.  

1. Products: Gold, Silver, Bronze. Based on your location needs select one of the devices.

2. Compare: You can compare the products and its specifications.

3. Subscription: Here you will pick the number of years/months for software subscription that you need. 

4. Advance Security add on: This is the best option to protect your business. This is add on enables advanced security option to devices, by default devices comes with basic Enterprise Security.

Step 2:

Click on the cart to view the selected devices and its add-ons. Make sure you have picked the correct options and number of devices.

1. Get a Quote: You can download the quote. Shipping and Taxes are included in the quote.  

2. Save Cart: Selected devices will be on save cart for a short period of time.

3. Region Selection: you need to select your region, so that nearest versa server will be synchronized to serve faster (Region selection will available only for first time)

Step 3:

Click on the Proceed to checkout.  

At the time of check out you will be redirected to Login or Registration (create a username/password) page.

1.Username & email address will be verified, User activation link will be sent to the registered email and then set new password to login.

Step 4:

Shipping the Devices
You can send purchased devices to One Address or Multiple Address. You can add address to your shipping address. 

1. Use selected address for installation: This is the key thing you can provide. By choosing the shipping address as your installation address, we can activate the device in one step during mobile activation. 

Step 5: 


Payment is very easy, You can pay with credit card or send your cheque (offline payment). 

Online payment

Yes, Our portal supports online payment, you can pay via credit card.  

We won't store any credit card information for future online payment. 

The information we store is limited to address, billing and shipping. We also store the quotes and invoices locally in our portal. 

Offline payments

We do support Offline payment in our portal. If you choose offline payments, then the cheque has to be mailed to Versa. 

You can download the quote from checkout page to view the final pricing including shipping and taxes.

While sending the cheque, we would require you to include an order id and company name.

Once the cheque has cleared the bank, then Versa will ship the device to provided address.

Bounced or Invalid cheque have a charge from the bank and can be upto $50. The amount of actual charge will be billed to the customer.

DOA devices

DOA devices will be replaced by Versa. Please contact customer service for RMA. 

There won't be any return after the first 7 days of device delivered.


You can download Quotes, it includes shipping and taxes cost.

Quotes mentioned prices are subjected to change. We suggest you to process your order request as soon as possible, so that the price changes will not affect you. 

Shipping and Installation address

We have made Shipping and Installation steps easy for you. It will be very convenient, 


1. Ship the devices to multiple address.

2. Install the devices with Installation address.

Shipping: you can enter the multiple shipping address and deliver it to multiple location. 

Installation Address: If you indicate that the shipping and installation address are the same, then the devices will be automatically installed on the portal so that you can activate it easily.

Subscription & Renewal

We have 2 types of subscription mode

1. Term 

2. Monthly

At the time of purchase you can select your subscription mode.

If you choose Term (Annually) then auto renewal option will not be enabled and you need to update the subscription manually 

If you choose Monthly then by default auto renewal option will be enabled, every month subscription will be auto renewed.